Thank you, Avalanche Studios

Thank you, Avalanche Studios

Thank you for the amazing expirience your game gave me in such a short period of time.

Thank you for all the belly laughs me and my friends got while we were running away from a dozen of the Dog-Robots while throwing fireworks in panic.

Thank you for the great atmosphere and a great ammount of spooks the first time I entered the Bunker in the Stathlham town (Not sure if I pronounced it right(sorry))

Thank you for your hard work and your light hearted responces to cristisism.

Thank you for your attention to detail of the game world.

Thank you for your passion and creativity.

And Lastly, Thank YOU, all of you Beta testers, for helping the Devs make a game that we will all love and enjoy.

See you all later.


Yeah, thank’s Avalanche Studios