Thanks Dev Team for the Great Xbox Series X update!

I have an Xbox Series X. So when it downloaded I was amazed at the 60fps. It almost seems like there was a resolution increase but not sure. Everything just looks so much sharper. Explosions are so smooth now and love seeing the robots pop when I shoot them. Seems like there’s some other enhancements. I was in a hanger on the airstrip when a harvester launched rockets. They hit the roof and there was debris falling from the ceiling from the rocket strikes. I hadn’t noticed that before. I’ve built my first base but almost hate the idea of activating the wave defense because it’ll get damaged… lol. I know I can repair and rebuild, but still…

Anyway I know some people were having issues and that you hear complaints more than appreciation. So I just wanted to say thanks for the continued support of what has become my favorite game. Over 50,000 robot kills and counting… You guys are great.


That’s an understatement, :grin: but it is good to see appreciation for the hard work of the devs. :+1:

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It all worked out in the end, no problemo :+1:

Even @Avalanche_knivspark does some ninja-moderating I’ve noticed which is very helpful.


Glad to see Xbox players are finally with all platforms now, I play on PS5 and yeah the game is definitely better with hardly any crashes now, I hope we get the next update together with new areas a big wish of mine, anyhow enjoy :+1::+1::+1:


Just started on Xbox series x. Skipped GZ because of the bugs… Tried it on ganepass and bought it immediately after testing it to support the creators… But it runs really smooth and I had no problems in my first 40hours of playing. Absolutely love that game, just hope that the next gen consoles get higher resolution textures aswell. Can’t wait to see where the game goes in the future.

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I’ve recently began on the Xbox Series X for about two weeks now. I am loving this game, haven’t touched another game since I started playing this one. I knew this game felt 60FPS, looks 4K too maybe dynamic. But Xbox doesn’t have this game marked as Xbox Series X/S optimized for some reason.

I started another play through on series X, I agree the game is really smooth and looks great, comparing the two series X is much better than the PS5 version at present, I hope we see next gen updates that utilise both systems soon as the PS5 has not been patched at all at present and it could run it just as well I think !