Thanks for the Kotenok and S21 Improvements

I’d like to say thank you to the game team for not only increasing the punch of the Kotenok and S21 but also creating some differentiation between them.

The Kotenok is a little better at medium close range with it’s lower powered optics and easier to handle recoil impulse but it doesn’t hit quite as hard as the S21. The S21 is better at medium long range with it’s higher powered optics and more damage, but it suffers from an odd recoil impulse (muzzle up then dip down before re-zeroing).

It’s nice to have options, and right now I’m super digging the Astra Galinsky inspired SVD build I have going on right now.

Hey, have you ever thought about adding a hooded camo jacket option?


I haven’t really used these guns yet. You got me curious about them. A hooded camo jacket would be cool. Made me imagine an assortment of fanny packs that hold special items. That could be fun!