The 6 new weapon skins, does anybody have all 6 yet

the 6 new weapon skins, does anybody have all 6 yet, the ones that come from new missions

i have 2, between needing gas and repair kits its makes it a little bit of a hike for stuff. but I only have run 3 missions. got the AG4 and KVM59 the third one I got nothing.

waiting for the ghost :ghost: to close the door, spooky

waiting for the :ghost: to close the door

I know there’s a ghost because, I walked up to this location yesterday and standing just outside this door, staring right at it, the door closed & lights came on inside this little building :ghost: scary

the location of this spooky site

the ghost has locked me in :dizzy_face: help ??? !

if you make it fast enough to that location, :ghost: , were the weapons skins are, you can witness the door closing by-itself or by something supernatural, :ghost::ghost::ghost:, fast-travel to the camp quickly, and run like Forest Gump did, faster, and witness the ghost door

ghost door location again :ghost:

and you may have to wait up to 30 mins - 1 hour :dizzy_face: to witness the closing, I had to wait yesterday for at least that long, if the door is closed already, then your to late