The ability to either move or hide items by half

I’m honestly very grateful for the amount of work the developers have put into this game. Still, I think one feature that would greatly help both new and veteran players alike is the ability to take items by half. I know that it may sound rather stupid, but with the amounts of items players need to haul in their equipment and then hide or take from the nearest Plundra it becomes both exhausting and irritating to spend 15-20 min every time the need arises to take quickly 1-3k of ammunitions or 100-200 medkits.
I think it would be so much easier to do if there were a simple command like “click F to put “x” by half”.
Of course, it’s just my idea, you may not agree with it. I just want to finally be able to take/hide tons of items without losing so much time.

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I like the idea in general to improve the system of moving items from one to another “storage”.

Taking or moving all is easy, but it can end up in hard work and much time spent, if you like to move for example 3.000 rounds 7.62 of a pile of 10.000.

Another button for moving the half could become difficult for consoles, as there are not so many buttons. I currently don’t know… Is there any unused button on all the related screens?

What else could be possible?

Typing numbers instead of a slider wouldn’t help.

@Madchaser I was thinking about reusing the already assigned buttons, for example, the one used for reloading a weapon. Outside of the menu, it would still have the same function, but when the player will need to move items, like the ammo you mentioned, the same button would temporarily acquire another function and after moving the items it will return to the primary function ( reloading).

Ok, I took a look at the screens:

  1. Inventory

  2. Plundra

  3. Recycling station

There you can see the already used buttons.
Triangle currently hasn’t many usecases.

Just in inventory:
Triangle is used to manage attachments of a selected weapon or binocular or to immediatly use a selected useable equipment (like med kit, field radio, mine,…)

In plundra, recycling station and lootables triangle currently isn’t used.

For a quick move of the half of an item there could be added that, if you select one, you could directly press triangle. That would even be one button press faster than the current method to move all of one item.

A closer look at the general moving method, which works everytime/everywhere the same:

You select an item and press cross, then move the slider to the wished amount and press cross again.
At this screen, as alternative or additional option, there could be three more options under the button “cross → move” in the center:

  • square: move 25%
  • triangle: move 50%
  • circle: move 75%

I appreciate that you decided to extend on the base idea, and to be honest, it sounds even better. However, I don’t know if this idea will ever be reviewed by the devs. Although it would be awesome if they decided to actually include this feature.

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