The addition of advanced wood harvesting/gathering

We would all like an addition of some more ways to farm wood, maybe an axe or more trees. As right now the best way to get wood is to trash emergency flares and fireworks. If the devs add a simple axe, and the ability to hit a tree and gain wood that would be cool. Additionally, trees are immortal beings that can neither be defeated by machines nor humans. Can you change this now we can harvest them, as i am sure cutting down a tree in the middle of a crises would be awsome…

I think you should really play something else. Some survival game where it’s a feature for building and fortifying your home.

For GZ it would be the same as having other survival mechanics like hunting, fishing or harvesting mushrooms. It’s not the type of game for those realistic, but time consuming activities.

That’s my opinion, you may have yours.

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I like gz because it has a nice unique style and setting. I do not care for actual trees anf farming them. However i would like to see more wood, like how it used to be. You should be able to find more wood then this. On average i be finding the little trees once every 5 minutes, there may be other small shrubs you shoupd be able to pick up too. Generally i do not like survival games because there is too much farming involved. I love this game because it makes grinding a better experience. Truth be told, i only want more things that give wood. Like more saplings or just sticks laying around.