The AI-76 is the best assault rifle

It’s also the most aesthetically pleasing.

If you like looking at it, then it is possible you see it as the best assault rifle but in use it is limited as a general-purpose weapon. It is limited on optics and limited on range accuracy. Those two things alone keep it from my payload.

I love it but it’s not for noobs.

Agreed, it has its place, but damage wise I’d say the experimental A4 is the best assault rifle.

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I’ve been using the N16 a lot lately. 5* with extended mag and a barrel extender. The iron sights are real nice, so I’ve not been using a scope. It lacks some hitpower compared to it’s 7,62 cousins, but I just can’t help digging it for some reason.

It’s got a high rate of fire, is very controllable and accurate at longer ranges.

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I use the Ai-76 for close combat. And other assault rifles for longer ranges.

I enjoy using that gun for how it shoots, but just can’t get over how butt-ugly the 3D model is and revert to the AG4 or AG5.


Same here, but I tried to switch to PM-71 just to see how it works and I must admit that even the 3* PM-71 surpasses N60 completely. I’ve got 4* PM-71 some session back and it shreds through metal like hot knife through butter.

I got a 5c less than 4 minutes after buying the DLC, and buddy…

It gets so much better.

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I do like this gun for the kicking the door in style of combat , I’ve even hit things at distance tap firing single shots with this , but overall it’s probably not the most balanced, however it’s fun with a punch :fire::fire:

I wish 5.56 was a good of a caliber as it is IRL, contrary to what people believe 5.56 actually has a lot more penetration than 7.62 and while the larger cal gives off more energy, to pierce steel you would definitely want 5.56 versus machines actually.

Yes, it’s better at penetrating in comparison to 7,62x39, but 7,62x51 (what we have in game) is a much more potent cartridge.

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Yes, 7,62x51 runs at a higher pressure, but the pressure is not the main deciding factor for this, the diameter at which the energy is applied to the material is crucial for penetration (that, and bullet material ofc).

Now I haven’t fired either myself at hardened steel, but since the bullet diameter of .308 is so much bigger than 5.56, the impact is more distributed and the bend/break point of armor steel reached much easier. .308 AP bullets should pack a lot more wallop than 5.56. Realistically though, I would doubt that either of both would penetrate steel plates as thick as the tank ones easily. Anyway, my point is not that the 5.56 would be overall better, it should maybe simply not be as outclassed by SMG ammo as it is in the game. AG5 and N-16 feel like pea shooters compared to SMGs and 7.62 weapons.

I saw way to many videos of Edwin Sarkisian to know that you are wrong about that :wink:

I haven’t seen any of him testing .308 vs 5.56 vs armored steel, all the ones I saw always had deeper penetrations but smaller holes than 7.62. If you mean a specific video please feel free to point me to it :slight_smile:

I found nothing from Edwin, but this should clear things out:


Great vid, so I guess what I saw was 7.62x39 after all.

The 5* AI-76 is pretty good with the 5* barrel extension and 5* mag. Although its a spraycan at auto
its pretty precise in burst mode. The 5* ATWAD is better in close quarter but its limited mag hampers
its usefullness considerably and its effectivc range is lower than that of a Syquist shotgun with choke.
The 5*PM71 is the best compromise over all. Big mag (250 shots) ,good penetration and even usable
at medium range. Can be used as a spraycan but most effective when firing salvos of a few shots. You
need a sensibel trigger finger with this one to use it effectivly.