The battle of Salthamn (Fan story)

The battle of salthamn where the last personel of the Swedish armed forces in östertörn and the recistance where trying to liberate the villiage and take the bunker, and this event whould be played out 2 weeks before the player arives on the island.

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the army and the recistance where to liberate salthamn and to see if someone where alive in the bunker and to try to evacuate the them, Along where 23 Homeguard soldiers with AT equipment and one tank (tracks are broken it is stuck in the harbor they found it there) and 48 soldiers from the army and 8 from the recistance and 9 civilians. in this post you can write diares from the people there or how it all played out

Today we will try to regroup with the last remaining soldiers to try to take salthamn to use it as a last holdout and as a evac point for civilians but i don’t think we will make it, Johansson has seen one of thoose big tank like machines in the harbour and several small dog machines patrolling the villiage. But we have a small Ammunition storage south of the villiage, we need to take it so we can have use our anti armour weapons against the tank, thats my groups plan but the bigger group will spearhead into the villiage from the west and the civilians will go from the east, why did we let them fight? they dont have proper training like us but lets see how they handle a real firefight.
Sven Karlsson 72th Homeguard division from Östervik

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For a tip use the google translator or that from deepl than you can write in your native language and it does the translation, ok you must a little correctional read because the AI of the translator makes it in his sense but with a little trying you get good results.

I wrote my story Helldivers Diary first in my native language german and translated it to english with the support of google translator.

You can find Helldivers Diary here on the Forum in the Categorie Community content

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