The BETA (if there is 1 anywhere)


I’m late to the Beta experience for sure since i just got the PC to handle most games recently instead of the toaster i had previously and I blew all my money that i saved for years so i won’t be able to buy the game in the next 2 years or more so if there is any beta stuff lying around (I’m pretty sure there isn’t) could I try the game so i don’t have to watch YT-bers that have a total different playstyle than mine (which can piss me off) but if there isn’t… I guess it’s ok.

And if you are wondering, I can’t get a job since I crushed my knee when I was younger.

Thank you Devs for replying and I hope your game does well since it looked badass in betas that I watched.


There currently are no plans for another beta sadly enough.


Maybe a Charlie? :smiley:
Any plans for that?

Enjoy the rest of your day, evening, night wherever you are.