The Big potential to bring the game to life, truly

Spending some time as a new player here and having an extensive history of enjoying survival games of all sorts. The Gen Zero has a big potential to expand to be fully alive. The expansion has already been mentioned here, it would involve sleep, hunger, thirst, body temperature regulators, cold, wet and dry again. based on The Long Dark.

The game itself features plenty of places to rest, camp sites, plenty of food from cans, bread, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, and drinks. Because the graphics and experience in the game are amazing, this sort of expansion would bring it the true potential out. Utiliziation of pot belly stoves, cast iron pots and pans, sitting by the fire or keeping out of the rain would be truly amazing to work through the rest out. This could be released as a DLC as some people may find it too much. For me personally, i’m up for it.

Just as long as you remove 99% of the machines…

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Spamming the idea with different titles does not make it a good idea. There is already a topic, that has been exhausted (BTW) talking about the same subject. You want to completely redesign the game to make it the same as a lot of other games, got it. Why not push for a new game like gen zero II version. Where it is player against nature like in ARK.


there is so MANY ideas people on here throw out, :dizzy_face: the game devs are like, how do we cram ALL these ideas into something, lol

I myself do not like survival games where i must look at little bars to keep them up… they are tiresome.

There already is a little bar to keep up, it’s the health bar of the player, the gasoline level, the condition of the vehicles.

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Then replace the ONE health bar with one for temp, food, water, stamina and so on. Stop fighting machines and start looking for food, water and shelter. And now you also have to stop hunting machines and look for oil and rags to clean old weapons to don’t even pick up now but need to so your weapons will stay operational. Next we will need a round reloading station and loot gunpowder and empty cartridges and cast lead into rounds. So you would need to loot parts to make a foundry and forge the weapons.

Make the game so you have zero reason to hunt machines because all your time is just trying to eat, drink and sleep. They have games like that already but you are not on those games’ forums wanting to make them better, just here on a machine hunting game forum that needs to be just like those games.