The big Pro's - Con's list

1. Pros:

  • Terribly beautiful, the graphics looks amazing and the atmosphere is just perfect, the lightning is perfect and the physics is great.

  • The map is huge.

  • Clothes, lots and lots of clothing options.

  • The story-line is integrated in such a way, that you have to actually roam around to find where you’re supposed to go. Makes it a challenge compared to other games.

  • The “Combat” is integrated perfectly into the game-play, it just lines up perfectly.

  • The AI’s roam around, giving you the opportunity to get some revenge.

  • The sounds are perfect, everything from weapons to weather, it’s flawless.

  • The “Gun-Play” is incredible, never have i experienced such good mechanics.

  • The “Stealth” system is just balls crazy amazing. The feeling you get when you escape a shit-ton of robots is just great.

  • The weather, man. The weather. It’s amazing, It’s beautiful, It’s dynamic, It’s just everything you’d want it to be.

  • The robots look freaking creepy.

  • The price, It’s so cheap considering the amount of hours you can put in.

2. Cons:

  • It’s way to easy to find Ammo, clothes and first-aid kits, weapon customizations (Scopes, Silencers, etc.)

  • Rarely find enemies roaming around exept in town and close to houses etc. (Kind of make sence though, cosidering humans are drawn to it.)

  • Quests kind of just bug-out if you don’t do it in an exact order.

  • Mouse can get stuck, (Tabbing in and out will work, but still It’s a hassle to do it.)

  • Bad, but not terrible optimization.

  • Dying is kind of broken, way to many adrenalin shots.

  • The AI’s are way to easy to kill, even in solo mode it isn’t even a challenge.

3. Lacking:

  • Considering it’s marketed as a survival game, I’d say it lacks just about all the survival aspects, if this ain’t something that will change, i would be considering changing it from Survival to Adventure.

  • Robots, It’s lacking different type of robots. Like, boss robots. The big bad B. The type of robot you just pray you won’t stumble upon. The kind that makes you boots shake.

  • Animals, no wildlife at all. Considering they have a better fight or flight response then humans, there should be some around, just very few, and spread out.

  • Interior variety, If you’ve been in more then 2 houses, you’ve been in all of them. Could use more interiors.

  • Better game optimization.

  • Currently, there’s just no aspect at all to the game exept doing the main story-line, looting and fighting. Would like to see some “Side-Quests”. Maybe some survival aspects, Food/Water, etc.

4. Personal Thought:

  • Considering the amount of clothes that exist, it should affect the player.

  • Weather related changes, (Moving slower and taking damage if you’re to cold, Having to have to drink a lot of water if you’re too warm, moving slower while too wet and don’t have “rain-gear”. All depending on clothes, etc.)

  • Maybe adding a bike, to move around quicker or w/e. (Don’t add vehicles though, kind of destroys the atmosphere of the game.)

  • Adding some kind of improvised armor to the game would be bad-ass. (Player created.)

Still a 10/10 release, would pre-order again without a doubt.
It’s a great game with so much potential, i just pray for once, a gaming-studio actually forfills it’s potential.
Well done guys/girls, you should be proud of what you’ve created.


I wish i had your ammunition and weapon luck. Its a 90/10 ratio on quality and quantity for me being poor/decent. The robot encounters i have are mixed. Sometimes too easy. Sometimes the bullets rockets or grenades dont faze them but rather faze through them… i had an invincible giant last night… now i have nothing. Health and adrenaline arent very common in my game. Or at least not overly prevelant. Would be nice to find them in specialized areas or something tho…

100% agree although I like the idea of a bike or dirt bike it would make it way to easy to escape enemies then. I agree there should be world/regional bosses or world events. Food / water is something I said from day one to friends but the addition of weather specific gear would be a great idea.

some good points here , and alot have been mentioned too previously , devs are working hard on bug fixes , and have said there will be more additions and DLC both free and purchasable. bikes are a big one people have mentioned , safe chests , crafting , and more enemies. good post :smiley: