The blue Flashlight on Car is on after destroying the car


I have destroyed the police car, but the blue flash lights on roof are going? Very misterious


@Scorpion197412, could you please stop posting every oddity you find as a new thread? Please?

Last time I wrote to you I gave you links for threads to report minor issues, and one of those would be a better place for it than making yet another thread.

Making a new thread every time you find something in the game is coming across like spam. No-one like spam. Most people here have been playing the game for quite a while and have already seen (and often reported) all the things that you keep reporting. They’re old news. It’s not helping.
Reposting every minor thing is irritating and clogs the forum. Please think about where to report something before mashing the new post button.


Has nothing to do with spam but is ok, because it is normal to open a new thread, but it is ok


No, it’s not normal. If it was normal you’d see the forum flooded with trivial posts from a lot of different people.

I really am glad you’re enthusiastic about the game. That’s great. Please try to follow the forum’s normal habits though. :slight_smile:


No, i wrote not 10 Messages after a another Message sorry


Scorpion, you have received this kind of feedback from multiple forum members now. It would be advised to give it a thorough thought.

We are all for making the game better by reporting bugs. But the way you are doing it is not helpful. Please adjust.


The best thing to do is not post the mistakes in the game anymore, first you should post, then you will be turned on? But it’s OK


The problem with making new threads for old bugs is that people learn to ignore everything you post. It’s not helpful to Generation Zero, and it’s wasting your time. Neither of us want that.

The best way to get your reports read is to

  1. Use the search to find a thread on the same issue
  2. Post your discovery in that thread as a new message.

If you search and there’s really no other threads about your discovery, then make a new thread and add as much detail as you can.
What is occurring, where is is occurring, how can we reproduce the bug, etc.

If you can do those things, your reports are much more likely to be seen and be helpful. :slight_smile:

What gives here normal to loot?

Sorry for all my Postings about Error in the Game


Don’t be sorry, just put them in the right place :slight_smile:
It all helps make the game better for you and everyone else.


The want to say that In the forum the are already threads about different kinds of bugs , when you want to report a bug just write it in one of the already created threads rather than creating a new one .