The bow - in what cases to use?

The bow is fun, but in what situations do you guys use this?

I used the flare arrows a lot, but I got the feeling that they don’t seem to work as intended.

The explosive arrows too often not exploded…


Flares are great too, but you can’t throw them very controlled. So it has to be coïncidence a moving bot is at the time and place of the explosion(s).

I can imagine the bow being much more useful in co-op, having a buddy lobbing different kinds of munitions while you lay down more firepower.

In all honesty I haven’t used the bow much after trying it out on drop, it looks cool I guess!

Just one thing I really hate about the bow:

The animation when another players uses the bow. There is none animation. If the other player aims at a target somewhere above, he looks like he is aiming to the front, but the arrows fly into the right direction. Really bad.

I tried the bow on a new game for a “resistance” type character, but honestly I don’t like it. I much prefer a hunting/sniper rifle.

It had some potential, but I think it’s underperforming. And the special ammo is also way too heavy. :grimacing:



All good information from you guys.