The Bunker Scanner in the ceiling

I have fpund another Bug, the scanner to open the door is in the ceiling

This is normal and the way that it is in the most bunkers …but i dont know if its a bug because it is in the game for a long time .

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this is a bug than in the others bunkers are it on the wall, or i see it, but not in the ceiling without see the scanner, on wall are better

This is not the only instance where the scanner rays come from the ceiling. It is quite common.

You should really hold your fire when it comes down to reporting bugs until you know more about the game. Otherwise you might come across like a troll, or just someone spilling out his/her discontent with the game.


I believe this is something that most (if not all) bunkers do to let you back outside. It’s not perfect I suppose, but it’s more of a design oversight than a bug. I’ll put this topic in Feedback/Feature Requests, see if it can do better there.


It is actually often before they let you inside, or before they deny you entry. No?

not realy, the scanner are never in a ceiling sorry, so that i see it no

but usually the lasers come out of a scanner above the door and not the ceiling