The companion dogo is fun but not super useful

So I got the DLC and the spotter module is perfect for the way I play but the dog is so damn loud and it interferers with my sneaking around and listening to the enemy machines to avoid them. This is especially bad at low levels when all the gear you have is trash. So my suggestion is lower the sound of the companion and make the noises it makes less frequent.

Another idea would be to stop the companion noise when the player crouches or goes prone. A stance menu would be good too like aggressive, defensive and like support. Stances would work like this aggressive is what it is right now in game, defensive it keeps to the player and protects them to the best of it’s ability. Support it heals, spots etc but does not engage, the abilities would be boosted in support so that it’s actually still useful.

I saw another post about commands so I won’t go into that here but they have a good point too.


You can go with no sound module and that helps some on runner noises. But depending on if I am stalking/tracking or just hunting for machines determines if I deploy my runner at all. Sometimes I can hear a machine and just don’t see it whereas the spotter runner outlines it for me, may even take it out too.

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I tried the no sound module too and it’s still to loud. That is not how I play, the only places I don’t want the runner is inside because it’s all over the place and when I’m riding a bike other then that I really want it to be out and doing things.

I have to agree with the dogo being to loud. but I def like the idea of aggressive, defensive or support role for him, or maybe even his own skill points to beef him up a bit?. I got so tired of him launching downed enemies and myself into the unknown that I stopped using him all together. its has its uses for sure but for my run and gun play style I find him rather a bother rather than an asset when i have to change course and revive him deep in combat. that’s just me though. just got tired of him head butting me across a field while trying to loot or him knocking downed machines I want to loot (rivals) into the stratosphere…

Yeah a companion skill tree would also be nice. Yes the aggressive stance if we can call it that would be great for like base defence but when sneaking it’s awful.
I’m also thinking of putting it in the storage box for the time being which sucks but it’s just to much “in the way” for me to have it out.

I agree with all of your points but even in combat against prototype machines it doesn’t help that much unless it lands a lucky shot or two on a runner’s fuel tank especially in endgame (which I am in) it barely does anything other than waste repair packs

Use the rocket launcher as companion weapon.
Especially in base assaults it clears most of the runners alone and destroys many walls/structures, too.

I hate all the runners with smg… They hurt so much, but my companion really helps a lot killing them. And with the spotter module of the companions accessory pack it also helps finding hidden machines or dealing more damage to the big ones.

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I am with Madchaser, spotter with rockets is the way to go. The runner for me is solo play and scouting for machines. Big machines the runner is picked up till I get a chance to deploy again.

After a big battle and machines scraps are everywhere to loot, the runner plays a nice role of overwatch and warns me of other lite machines coming in. I don’t even bother putting armor on my runner because I don’t use it as an assault weapon.