The Companion Update - Coming July 18th

:heart: Companion! Build it, customize it, use it in combat!

:memo: Companion intro mission: Making Friends

:hammer_and_wrench: Companion Accessories DLC for even more customization!

:bug: Bugfixes! Reaper Loot bug, Shock ammo bug, and more are gone.

More info will be posted in the coming days, let’s collect and talk about it in the thread below!


Ok, I’m mildly hyped… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

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So, hint that you craft it like a bike or something. So, it will disappear when leave the map, would need to be crafted after every fast travel? Stays on the map like a bike? When crafting you pick the weapons it will use? Players can not carry weapons and swap them out during battle? Doesn’t carry anything?

hint it will fight the machines with you, does it just target what you are shooting or closest target? With voice box, does it let you know it detects a target? Can you command it and mark targets for it? Does it just follow you and attack from a single area or can it free range some? Possible also needs to use repair kits like the motor bikes?

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Good questions. I’d bet that we will get further information sooner or later, like Carni said.

I’m excited for the dlc, too.
Is it just cosmetic? Or are there additional features for the companion inside?

So hyped! :smiley: I hope you can pet the doggo :rofl:

Well… it will be interesting for sure, lets hope it does not break the game.
I just dont like that with every new feature we get a new paid dlc to complete such feature, when it should be part of it.

It would make more sense if the companion was itself a Paid DLC.
I would prefer that.


My friends been talking about the dog idea for as long as I can remember, anyhow let’s see looks fun :v:

True Bro, The shock ammo

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