The crashing is RIDICULOUS

My friend and I got a Reaper to spawn. It’s been an absolute nightmare crash-fest, with each of us taking turns with the game crashing, mid battle. We restart, craft more ammo, and we have depleted our resources for making ammo, explosives, and first aid kits, and we were both fully stocked with resources to begin with. Now, we have to farm resources just to get back in the fight, only to have the game crash over and over and over and over and over.

This is a game breaking issue. Very, very disheartening, and disappointing.

THIS will be the final straw for this game. With all the bugs, crashes, terrible UI, I won’t be playing anymore. I’ll come back when I hear that the crashing (which has plagued this game from day one) has been fixed. But I doubt this will happen.

Would like to say GG, but not really.

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