The Dala Horse + FNIX Rising Gameplay


So I’m planning on making my own Dala Horse as they are extremely expensive to buy and send in the UK.

Here’s a great video I’ve found explaining a bit more about them be sure to watch until the end!

In game related news - WiredGaming is Premiering the FNIX Rising DLC Gameplay in 3 hours time.



where man, on youtube? or on a different platform?
( hope you like your Dala house )


I was gonna make a joke that i could just get in a car and drive 30 minutes and be in sweden but i’m not sure if the border is open.



Woods ordered, and I’ve dug out the carving tools. Should make for a very interesting project as my last one was focused around Japanese wood burning. I’ll post a pic as progress goes on.


will be sure to watch