The difference between weapons


I’ve been wondering this for a while but like which version of a weapon to choose, say a 12g shotgun vs. the Sqovist (Please don’t mind my spelling) The pump may offer more attachments, but then the sqovist has a much higher rate of fire. The list keeps on going, and I want to hear your thoughts.


Well im more a fan of the Sjöqvist semi auto due to its fast fire rate. and just being all around effective in alot of scenarios.

The 12 gauge, not as enjoyable. Due to slow reload and just not as effective in alot of moments. But hey thats just my own experience with the weapons.

If you want to find more details about the weapons there is a wiki that has a good run down of pros and cons.

12 gauge:

Sjöqvist semi auto:öqvist_Semi-Auto


My Sjöqvist is what killed most of the hunters I got for this past weekend’s community event :slight_smile: Gotta love that buck shot! Thanks for those links too, helpful info


I’m in love with the 12G Pump-Action. It packs a huge punch, it’s satisfying to pump and it’s extremely loud. It demands skill to operate as well, making you lead each shot into enemies at an often uncomfortably close range. Slugs turn it into essentially one big cannon, and effectively makes it a long-range, heavy caliber rifle. I always save slugs for FNIX Machines.

Only caveats; Reload is long. Also, don’t fire indoors unless you want hearing damage. I’m looking everywhere for a silencer, but they seem to have disappeared from the world.