The direction of Generation Zero

I’ve been playing Generation Zero since the Open Beta and have loved it from the start. And since then, the game’s been improved in many significant ways.

Bugs have been fixed, bunkers have become easier to navigate, players are able to store inventory items and the world feels a bit less sterile through the inclusion of dead bodies and more elaborate signs of battle.

Yet I do have concerns of where the game’s heading. While many improvements have been added, they’ve made the game feel less cohesive and focused. The most obvious example of this is how crafting stations, trunks and even bicycle repair shops are present by some sleeping bags in the woods. And the vehicle station is a bit of a joke, with the poorly implemented bicycle being the only thing on offer. Not to mention the base construction aspect, which is completely removed from the rest of the game.

Your efforts to make the environments more interesting and letting them tell more of a story are commendable. But I feel we’re starting to lose the beauty of the desolate Swedish countryside.

Personally, I think the game should receive a major revamp where you take a step back and try to fix the basics. My thoughts are the following:

Safe houses:
Change the function of safe houses. Make them spots where players respawn when they die, make them places where players can rest to regain health and change time of day. But take away their fast travel and “stations”.

Instead, I think that bunkers should be given a greater importance. Let the bunkers be the only fast travel points in the game and let each of the bunkers unlock a new feature. So when you start the game, you can’t store stuff, but finishing the first bunker unlocks that. Then another introduces crafting. Then another ads recycling etc. And perhaps the same should be done with items.

A problem I’ve pointed towards from the very start of the game is the lack of meaningful rewards. Players can ignore bunkers and quests and roam the world to find the best loot. Finishing quests and bunkers doesn’t unlock anything.

Personally, I think that experimental weapons shouldn’t be loot just randomly dropped by rivals. I think that parts for said weapons should be offered as rewards for finishing quests, with rivals perhaps dropping some particular material or component that’s necessary to assemble said parts into a functioning weapon.

Another form of payoff for finishing quests could be the inclusion of survivors. That upon finishing certain quests, you encounter survivors who’ll appear in your bunkers. It’ll give players a greater sense of accomplishment if they can SEE people they’ve rescued and that they’ve thus made a difference. Perhaps they’ll operate the crafting equipment for you?

I know it’s a controversial topic. Indeed, allowing players to just get into any vehicle they find, like in Far Cry, the atmosphere would be ruined. That’s not at all what I’m proposing. I’m proposing that, yet again, this will be a reward.

The first things players will need to do will be to beat several bunkers to make the vehicle crafting station appear, and even then you’ll only have access to bicycles to begin with.
To get access to the interesting vehicles, players will need to finish the correct destroyed vehicle in the environment. Then they’ll need to explore the world to find replacement parts and materials, which might be rewards for finishing certain quests. And of course, they’ll have to take out powerful enemies to get their fuel cells and silent propulsion system.

The environments were originally absolutely gorgeous, yet simultaneously creepy because they were desolate. While I don’t think you should undo any of what you’ve done, you should be less concerned with disturbing the environments unless there’s a very specific story you want to tell, perhaps something connected directly to a quest.
Huset är nu nymålat och altanen börjar blir färdig! Balkongen kvarstår, lite smått livsfarlig just nu! :/
What I think you should do instead is to add more architectural variety. Throw in some funkis-style homes, enabling players to enter a few apartments in the apartment blocks. You could make a single brick building and, by changing the sign above the entrance, interior textures and redecorating the insides, you could use it as a small industry, a car dealership, a furniture store, a grocery store or even offices.
Introduce architectural elements that will create interesting gameplay. Give us viaducts for players to shoot down on machines from, tight alleys and more.

Guns and accessories
The perhaps best rewards in the game are the guns and accessories. Yet I think that they’re to similar to each other. In terms of automatic weapons, they don’t feel different at all. The hefty 7,62mm AG4 can shoot through real buildings and so accurate at long range that it’s currently being modernized into a marksman rifle, but is useless for full auto in real life, while the Kpist m/45 is known for being easy to control on full auto (soldiers were instructed to stick to EIGHT shot bursts), but has an (factually incorrect) reputation for not being able to shoot through a wet rain coat at 50m.
I’m not asking for realism, because GZ isn’t that kind of game, but I do want the guns to feel unique and useful.

As mentioned in other threads, I’d like to see weapons that make useless ammunition useful again. An SMG in .32, an assault rifle chambered in Meusser ammo (perhaps the GRAM series of rifles) and a battle rifle chambered in Älgstudsare (AG42, what else).

And of course gun accessories. You can make the guns that already are in the game seem exciting again just by throwing in some new parts.

These are just my ideas. How do you feel about them? Do you agree with my reservations on the direction of the game and lack of cohesion?


I do agree with your suggestions especially for the terms of the revamp of the environment. A step back would be fine because to much of the citys is destroyed and takes away that mystery feeling. I want mor buildings that you have to enter and fight free like the bunkers. A Hospital, a Warehouse or a dark Castle with dungeons. You have to go in for making a quest, fight it free and at the end you gain special things and make the building to a safe place. Little Towns would be fine with small alleys where you encounter Runners or Hunters. More variation in the buildings are also good. I love the mystery of the game so there could be more dark and mystery places.

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Some interesting suggestions there. I love the idea of making better use of bunkers (with crafting and survivors) and removing random house/barn/camp fast travel spots. As far as vehicles go, I don’t agree. I think the immersion gained by removing superfluos fast travel points would be negated by the ability of travelling by motorised vehicles.

Have you also noticed how, as you get further north, more and more houses are locked and inaccesible. It’s almost as if they started detailing the map from the south and ended up running out of time as they approached the north :smiley:. So yeah, as patches go, if not more architectural options, at least make more buildings accessible.

As far as guns go, once you have obtained an experimental pvg90 there’s not much else worth having, is there? I mean that baby is so overpowered, and possibly realistically so, that you can take out whole groups of enemies before they even figure out what is going on. As long as you have a couple of trusty side arms for when things get up close and personal you’re pretty much a one person army and able to take on the bots more efficiently than the Swedish national defence. :wink:

I also get the feeling that there are two engines in play here. On the one hand the gorgeous, higly detailed world engine from Avalanche and then the much less developed game engine with, frankly, pretty damn poor character textures and worse animation. I’m guessing there was not enough money thrown at this project to include motion capture. And there can be no excuse in 2020 onwards for Benny. The poor chap looks like a leftover from GTA San Andreas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Retextures please. They’re not going to improve gameplay but it will help with immersion when one don’t look at a character and think wth, you’re actually better off dead.

Oh yes. Dark mysterious places but not wasted ones that have no explanation. There’s a whole storyline waiting to be told about a cult in the northern farmlands and how they are involved with cider manufacturing. There’s another story about a gang of nutters stealing a secure postal transport and killing and getting killed in a gunfight with cops near a lighthouse in the south.
So much wasted opportunity for content.

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In terms of vehicles, like I wrote in the post: they should be a reward that players only unlock late in the game. And there’s a whole load of things the devs could do to make vehicles interesting and balanced.

In terms of your comments regarding boarded up buildings, I can tell you haven’t been playing from the start. Initially, ALL houses had interiors (but none of the shops), but they boarded a bunch of them up to improve performance on consoles, and probably also to make interiors seem less identical.

Boarding up houses to improve performance could make sense though I wonder how as you can often see interiors through the windows.

And no, I didn’t play from the start. I’m never in from the start in any game tbh :wink:.

If vehicles…should they be destructible like the bots? What do you think?

No shame in that. Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Vehicles would be pretty darned OP if they were indestructible. And like I said, there’s a billion things Avalanche could do to make them balanced. Perhaps they could have field radios built in, allowing players to respawn in and fast travel to them?
Perhaps there should be a limit to how often destroyed vehicles respawn? Or you need crafting materials to rebuild them if they’re destroyed?

With fast travel being nerfed, I thought it’d be a cool idea if they had an inventory of their own. So that players can store the loot they find, and if the vehicle is destroyed, all the store loot is gone.

Well I found this one today. Besides this fun one they all have the same numberplates out of two possible. This kind of humor and all the versions of brand names makes me smile. However I would like to use a runner for a vehicle too.

I got stereo-cinema glasses as downloaded content today. I guess there are a few items like that for special achievements without new DLC’s.

More variation would be nice. A few houses have two or three bathrooms and three rooms, just weird. I figure they worked a lot on the area and houses where there are missions because that’s what most players are likely to see and there is only so much hours developers can put their valuable time on.

This add a lot to the feeling of characters being there in the base game even when there is no animated characters. But the dead ones you find do look pretty bad. In fact so bad hat I don’t consider getting the Resistance DLC to not have to look at them moving.

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I wish I could give you an extra like for the comment about the corpses. They look like placeholder dolls. Like they’re waiting for someone to apply a texture to the model.

I know I have a lot of complaints about this game. I really like the game, I just think it has so much wasted potential and that makes me whine even more :slight_smile: I can only assume the budget was pretty meager.


It’s probably still the case… :thinking: