The Disastrous Level Limit

Hello to all who read this. I just wanted to talk about the level limit which I’m sure many of you already have. Being honest, it sucks. It is no fun for me to be limited and not be able to get all of the perks I want; especially when I have to buy perks I don’t want to get the ones I do want. I have a couple simple solutions that I think would be awesome if the dev team could see.

The first being just to completely remove it; let the level cap be how many perks there are. Let people get everything in the game and if they buy a dlc that adds more perks, then increase the level cap when they purchase it.

My second option would be to increase the level limit to 50, and add a point refund system if you accidentally buy a perk, or realize you don’t want it. The twist is don’t make the point refund just an option in the menu, make it a usable item that you can find in the game (1 time use) so it is not abused. This would be helpful for people like me, who bought the tick pod specialist, and realized it is absolutely terrible and even after killing 100s of robots have still not gotten a single pod even with mechanic. If you could find these items around the map and refund your points that would be a good fix.

My last option, which is my personal least favorite, would be to have an infinite level cap, but make the perks cost more as you go up the tree, like the first couple perks are 1 point, then 2, and the specialist is 3. Although the 3rd one would be hard and annoying to grind for, it is better than not being able to grind or do anything at all.

If you see this please think about changing how the level limit works. Thank you!


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