The distribution of machines

Yesterday I roamed through Östervik a second time and was astounded that there is almost no machine present. Despite of the occasional runner the town was almost deserted. When I came close to Balders Vall I found a hoard of machines. Three harvesters, one tank and a bit of walking scrap metal required some time to demolish.

This made me scratch my head. Why are almost all of the machines on the soccer field? Did I interrupt a decent soccer game? In ernest I would appreciate a bit more of a balanced distribution instead of machines clumping together on one spot.

Later I wandered through forests. These are usually empty which makes sense since firstly machines (esp. the larger ones) have a hard time manoeuvering through all the trees. But then I came to a glade/clearing. This clearing was populated heavily by two tanks, two harvesters and a good number of hunters and runners. I wondered why all of these machines stand there and making noise. Were they protecting something there? Nope, there was nothing but scrubs. What on earth are doing those machines in the thick of the forest standing around and producing noise?

I think the walking paths and the general distribution of machines especially in regions with heavy forests could be improved. While hunters, runners and searchers patrolling the remote parts the tanks and harvesters should stick to roads and parts without obstacles like acres and plains.

I know that it’s more of a challenge fighting machines in the outside and having machines on open areas is way easier I come from a more realism orientated view. I don’t care if harvesters roam in packs, with tanks and hunters protecting them, making an ambush intense. Imagine having a group of heavy machinery roam the farmlands making the movement of the player a tough one.

I think having those groups stationed like it’s common in Granhöjden or Äppelbo would be awesome since it’s a good way to push the player to think about how to tackle the situation.