The Drop Rates might be bugged

+5 from my crew… we over several peoples games have generated and killed over200 and no one got any experimentals very few gold weapons lots of attachments… woopeeee

No it is not, it´s the same for all difficulties, the problem is most probably tied to solo sessions drop rate and not difficulty, although it persists in multiplayer sessions, it´s even worst in solo sessions, it´s already been stated in the forum.

I setted my game to Guerrilla too and I’ve had also not one 5* or 6* since the update.

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I have mostly played as lvl 1-10 on this patch sofar but I have managed to down lets say 20ish Rivals with a solo lvl 25+ character on Guerilla settings, no X weapon drops.

Always Guerilla and think I got most in SP. Trashing or leaving 5* now.

According to Steam I have 524h now and have three lvl 31 characters and last one on lvl 29.
It will be a sad day soon… :cry: But my feeling is that level+location+machine class has to do with class of regular weapons that drop.
Except the all the 5* I also believe that all heavy Rivals, especially Tanks drop Exp.weapons at any rival level. Harvester, sometimes. The others, almost never.

Had one conflict in SP recently with all those machines, most Fenix’s, up at the 3 windmills location and was almost chocked when i got a blue or purple(dont remember).50-caliber from a runner.
Also got 2 or 3 golden 5* and several 5* weapon attachments.
Just a few days, 2 players in MP, same place and even some Apo.Tanks and Hunters joined the fight. We just got crap!

The closest thing I’ve gotten to an eperimental weapon is a 3 crown klauke from one of approx 50 lev. 4 rivals since the anniversary ended. And On top of that my himfjäll level has been 20 for some time now without any rivalspawn, and as a matter of fact no new tankspawn either on himfjäll, the island seems abandonded…

I have just set my game back to Skirmish and killed one rival (Harvestern FNIX Lvl 3) and it droped a experimental pants. Could some of you try that too?
BTW: I’m playing on PC

Experimental pants right?
The problem is that Rivals don´t drop weapons, apparel i think they drop a lot , at least for me they do.
If anybody has a problem with rivals experimental apparel drop, please come forward.

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Jup I just corrected my post.
I didn’t get clothe from no rival before simmilar like Lonewolf, thats why I mentioned it.

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Well well…so the problem is even worst… not only no weapons drop, some of us (like me) get too many experimental apparel while others don´t even get them.

I’ve been told it’s being looked into, guys. So we’ll have to see if some adjustments can be done to
Rival drop rates :slight_smile:


Good to know :wink:
By the way, any news if a patch or update is still coming in April?


FYI Just joined a random MP, got 2 experimental weapons from just 2 lev. 3 rivals. Jumped back to my ”map”, invited some friends and took down some lev. 3 and mostly lev. 4 rivals and got zero weapons, this makes me think that there’s something wierd with my safefile? my caracter was lev.30 at this point.

How old is your save file? Maybe the problem is for people with save files older than 1 month?
That is the solution i found, and for the record my save file is 6 months old.

I’m assuming there’ll be an April update, since nothing else has been announced. We’ll have to be vigilant, I suppose :slight_smile:


Started playing in august last year. Is that what you mean? Gonna hit the 800h mark soon…

Yes, maybe new players do not have the problem we have, time will tell and so will the next patch.

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Have done more work killing rivals 30 x level 4 still no experimental weapons dropping. have heaps of experimental apparel drops if that helps.


The drop rate for experimental weapons is horrible. I’ve heard that level 4 Apoc Tanks is the best way to farm those weapons, and not that i didn’t farm, but it’s always be ammo and small chance to see a 5* weapon attachment (not even a 5* weapon). Since the latest update, I was unable to get any experimental weapon.

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Merged topics about same issue.