The Drop Rates might be bugged

Could it be that drop rates scale with difficulty? I’ve been weakening rivals and then switching to hard for getting the killing blow and so far I’ve gotten two weapons. I also got a lot more clothing than I did weapons.

It is a possibility but there isn’t any conformation from devs and no-one has made any conclusive tests either.

Me as well. After the april update, I killed 5 rivals 1 was at least a level 3 and no experimental weapons. 3 of them were apocalypse class. Playing on PS4 on adventurer difficulty level 17.

The spoils of war as it were especially against rivals is completely fubar. There is basically nothing on them bar some clothing and a little bit of ammo. I don’t see the point of levelling them to level 4 as you still get nothing. I think the devs are going to have to take a look at the loot tables on rivals and tweak them somewhat to make it viable to even do the rivals.


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I concur, the drop rates for high level machines needs to have an increased chance to drop experimental weapons over experimental clothing.

Im level 31 and i killed 40+ rivals and i still haven’t gotten a experimental weapon i had my character since the game started i don’t know if i need to start a new character. Im confused.

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I apologize if this has been covered. I did do a search but didn’t find anything recently discussed.

I haven’t found a single Experimental Weapon or Piece of Clothing. Has the RNG changed with recent updates? Do I need to be on a specific difficulty or in a group? Some great guys from ireland helped me literally clear the board of all rivals yesterday that I had. I am a level 30, have tried all three difficulties. i’ve hunted all types of tanks and harvesters that are Rivals at various levels 1-4. Not complaining, just looking for some help on what I am doing wrong here, thank you in advance.

Sounds like that’s simply bad RNG, but I’m not 100% certain the April update didn’t break Experimental drops.

Maybe it’s just my luck, but hopefully it’s something I am doing wrong.

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Also, latest reply in here being only 6 days old is a recent discussion to me.


what platform are you on? I am on Xbox and haven’t seen a single Experimental thing, even with wiping out all rivals yesterday. Not that it should matter, but just curious.

It is, my bad didn’t see this one.

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I’m on PC. I’ve seen Experimentals drop in both solo and MP sessions… Albeit, not very often.

Same here but i have gotten experimental clothing (though I have all of them)

I have completed all medals in the game in about 85 hours and Alpine DLC then spent another 100 hours and I still have no experimental weapons… zero so the drop is broke
I have two different level ups to 30…
oh and early on the game glitched and took my AI 76 and Sniper gold weapon’s away… they just disappeared upon re-spawn from my inventory and you never get them back.

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Speaking of 6* weapon drops, just 2 days ago i got 6* m/49 out of the lvl4 FNIX harv we killed in MP game (i was client in 3 player game). Gave the weapon away in the same session since i didn’t need it.

My conclusion - drops work but they are rare.


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I’ve been grinding rivals out in multiplayer and solo, killing them on all the different difficulty levels, killing rivals levels 1-4 (mostly level 4) and I haven’t found 1 experimental weapon. Just lots, and lots, of duplicate experimental clothing. My character is lvl 29 and the regions are level 10-20.
Been doing this for around 40 hours. Just hoping I’ll find someone in multiplayer that has extra… :frowning_face:
Platform: PC (steam)

The drop rates are bugged, the devs know it now, but they are indeed bugged, it´s almost impossible to find one experimental weapon now, your best chance to find one is to play multiplayer.