The Drop Rates might be bugged

what platform are you on? I am on Xbox and haven’t seen a single Experimental thing, even with wiping out all rivals yesterday. Not that it should matter, but just curious.

It is, my bad didn’t see this one.

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I’m on PC. I’ve seen Experimentals drop in both solo and MP sessions… Albeit, not very often.

Same here but i have gotten experimental clothing (though I have all of them)

I have completed all medals in the game in about 85 hours and Alpine DLC then spent another 100 hours and I still have no experimental weapons… zero so the drop is broke
I have two different level ups to 30…
oh and early on the game glitched and took my AI 76 and Sniper gold weapon’s away… they just disappeared upon re-spawn from my inventory and you never get them back.

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Speaking of 6* weapon drops, just 2 days ago i got 6* m/49 out of the lvl4 FNIX harv we killed in MP game (i was client in 3 player game). Gave the weapon away in the same session since i didn’t need it.

My conclusion - drops work but they are rare.


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I’ve been grinding rivals out in multiplayer and solo, killing them on all the different difficulty levels, killing rivals levels 1-4 (mostly level 4) and I haven’t found 1 experimental weapon. Just lots, and lots, of duplicate experimental clothing. My character is lvl 29 and the regions are level 10-20.
Been doing this for around 40 hours. Just hoping I’ll find someone in multiplayer that has extra… :frowning_face:
Platform: PC (steam)

The drop rates are bugged, the devs know it now, but they are indeed bugged, it´s almost impossible to find one experimental weapon now, your best chance to find one is to play multiplayer.


I do recall in a previous dev stream that they mentioned this bug (or the RNG chance of never getting an experimental weapon) and were looking into making a fail-safe solution so that you are guaranteed one after killing x amount of rivals or x amount of xp from killing rivals. I’ve been farming rivals and saw these threads, and it would explain why I’ve never came across an experimental weapon in my 90 hours past the archipelago region.

Can’t confirm that - fairly new player, got a bunch of exp weapons in the last two weeks or so, all on medium difficulty, all solo. Tho it seems that I get less regular enemies than usual, and no respawning beacons. Maybe there’s something in the background, when creating the first savegame, that influences stuff like that…

Based on the feedback in the Swedish national day event topic, the weapon drop rates during the current event (5th - 8th June) doesn’t seem to be bugged at all.

At least it seems they are not bugged for the event. Doesn’t mean they weren’t before. I hope they stay there now :slight_smile:

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That was the case in the beginning (launch day). But a lot of people weren’t happy that they had to loot most of the ammo from world, rather than getting it back from the machine they just killed. And so, machine loot came with RNG weapon drops to balance it out. (E.g if you’re too lazy to loot the ammo from the world, you have to work harder to get weapon drop.)

I, for one, would change the system back to the early one with guaranteed weapon drops while getting only few rounds of ammo from harvs/tanks since i don’t mind looting my ammo from the world.


I’ve been playing the game since a little after it first released as a digital only on the ps4 my character is around level 30 and I haven’t got a single experimental weapon even with farming level 4 rivals. As with what Aesyle was saying about the better drop chance with a lack of ammo given at this point would be well worth it because I have 15,000 rounds just for the ak and at least 2,500 for every other automatic weapon. I’ve got every achievement/trophy in the game and with the drop rates the way they are no reason to keep playing till more dlc comes out. Love the game and probably always will.

Fully agree - played today and it was a disaster. Nothing but ammo and steel. No weapons, attachments, etc. etc.

Plus being insta-killed by hunters 1km away every time we left the safehouse. NOT funny.

We are feeling this game is not getting devs’ love anymore, since they were probably transferred to another title.


From this thread Machine behaviour post April 2020 update emerged an idea.

Could it be that destroying weapons on machines lower the chance to get an exp weapon?

And does the “Mechanic” skill compensate for that?


I have 2 characters, other with full mechanic and other without it. Played both quite heavily, and i can pretty sure say that it doesn’t affect the weapon drop rates, as it should.

But after last update character without mechanic heavily affect drop rate of comm array lures. Last 2 weeks player this character, and found 2-3 comm lures. When this other with full skill picks them up like apples from tree.

Mechanic drop rate is very low without the skill, and this might affect the chance of getting modules.

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Destroying weapons on the rivals doesn’t seem to affect the drop rate of weapons because I never aim for the weapons just the other weaknesses. ( I.e. red tanks and circuit boards/boxes.)

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Hi guys, I played FNIX Rising from its launch on PC and I killed about 8-10 Revales (that includes the mission ones) and I got no exp Weapon. Do you know whether the mission revales do have the same chance to drop those weapons? Or is the droprate on your game buged too?