The drowning of machines (re. loot)

When fighting machines along shores or over a river/stretch of water machines tend to stand on the edge of the water (and in rare cases too deep so they take damage). The moment the machines are destroyed, gravity does it’s work and pulls the machines into the water.

This behaviour of machines drowning makes it difficult to loot them. You have to jump dive and hopefully activate the loading screen before the game resets the player to the nearest shore. Since the char doesn’t jump well in water this makes some machines become unreachable, preventing the player from earning it’s rightful loot. This becomes even worse when this machine is a rival (or even the reaper).

In my opinion the should be able to dive longer, providing more time for the player to reach the drowned machine.

The player has the ability to hold it’s breath when aiming (although the time this works is ridiculously short).This should be possible when the char “walks” under water, prolonging the time the player has being submerged in water.

I don’t need no swim functionality (especially wearing an almost fully loaded backpack). Just being able to have the char a few more seconds under water should work in most cases. If the corpse is still too far away I guess it’s some kind of tough luck.


I know what you mean.

This one is a good example for not being reachable from the shore but which I was able to loot by jumping in the water and pressing the button in the right moment!