“The Exchange Student” Mission Bug

Platform: Xbox One

Description: Bug with the Forest region side mission “The Exchange Student”. It won’t notify me of the mission and won’t appear in my mission log. So I can’t complete the mission or start the mission at all. I am able to pick up one of the mission items but it does not register anything. It won’t activate even on a different world or character. It is the only mission to a bug like this.
Cords: 1361, -360
Region: Forest
Steps To Reproduce: I don’t think it can be reproduced

Images / Videos:

Image of the place where I picked up the mission item but nothing happened

Host or Client: I was the host of this server

Players in your game: I was the only one online

Specifications: Specs of an Xbox One S

Have you picked up the mission start letter at his aunt’s house in Lillå at 680, 838?

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No, maybe not I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Correction: the bug has been fixed as soon as I logged back in. It registered that the mission has been completed.