The Fallen - Hunter not properly introducing itself


PS4, 1.06. (May contain spoilers)

Well I just noticed a bug with the side mission The Fallen. After a lot of searching I finally found the spot for the crashed Vråken.

From a distance I spotted a Hunter by the plane, seemingly guarding it. I snook up on the hill, set a good old fashion trap with gas canisters and a radio. Worked but wasn’t enough. So I ran to the nearby barn (close to the church) and took him out there.

A whole lot of his friends showed up and after using all my meds and all my adrenaline shots I spawned myself back in the church.

When I finally cleared all the enemies and ran back to the plane, getting right next to it this time, my next mission objective says “take down the hunter”… Took down another hunter close to the church, but the objective remains…

Took the loot out of the Vråken but no change.

Hopefully even this bug will be fixed in the upcoming patch! :wink:


I had that happen with the Gas something or other side mission. I was supposed to destroy a gas station. Well I did from a distance with the recoiless rifle. Then as I got closer it said my objective was to destroy the gas station that was already burning. Tried a few things but nothing worked. Then I thought to exit to the main screen then return. Sure enough the gas station was back again and I was able to destroy it this time after the objective came up and completed the side mission. This may work for you too as the hunter should re-spawn at the plane. Just wait till it tells you to take him out.


Ah okay, feels like the triggers for the objectives must be adjusted a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll try that then! Thanks a lot! :smiley: