The future of GZ on nexgen consoles

I know there are so many people here that know so much more than me about things, so I’m just lobbing this one in for discussion:

What do you think will be the future of console edition GZ with Playstation 5 and Xbox X around the corner?

Are we looking to ported versions with current level gfx, ”remastered” editions or what do you think?

I really don’t know much about these things, but I know there’s many great minds here and I want to hear your thougts on this!



So with PS4, you should be getting 60 FPS at least, right? Is there such a thing as maxing out settings or is it all just capped to one specific quality?

Either the quality jumps to PC max standards or you’re in the range of possibility to get 120 FPS whilst playing. That is if there is an actual difference currently between the visuals of PC and Console.

If they both are visually the same, then if an upgrade comes, I think even PC would get some of that sweet visual marvel.

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To be honest, I actually don’t know.
Haven’t played on PC, but watching screenshots and gameplay vids I get the FEELING that PC graphics are somewhat… more crisp or how to put it.

Hard to tell FPS and other quality difference just by watching youtube though. It would be cool to hear from someone thats been playing both versions over time.

Maybe we just have to wait for a ”GZ2” to fully enjoy next generation possibilities.


I think GZ2 should come when the Devs get more experience in solid mechanic layout to keep player retention. Yes, the game is fun, interesting and lore-wise just Wow, but there is something lacking when it comes to solid mission structure and presentation. We’ve seen them try out new concepts with mission structure in Alpine and now FNIX rising, but they need more work on this game just so if GZ2 is ever a thing, the launch is much more solid and interesting.

Remember, a disappointing sequel stings more, since everyone expects improvement and evolution over time.


Very true.
Me myself - being a swede with an interrest for this particular historical era, (I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first experienced this game) - already fear that a potential GZ2 will turn into something of much less interrest to me storywise.

Seems to me that a part of the international community have overcome that initial exotic buzz of a game set in Sweden 30 years ago, and want a more generic shooter. Which kind of saddens me.
But that’s another discussion! :blush:


No I don’t think there will be enough game to transition into next gen.

There’s only one title in mind for next Gen.

At least that one justify’s delays as they want it perfect. Take a leaf.

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Not quite following what game you have in mind, but I was thinking about the apparent problems the devs been having with shoehorning GZ into the current and outdated console platforms.

Let’s say there’s a new DLC/major update and PS5/Xbox X isn’t shipping yet. Will they bring out the shoehorn again, adapt for next gen or just drop the console crowd?

I don’t wanna sound too pessimistic, but…

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