The future of this game

I really enjoy this game even with its bugs. But I want to know what the future of this game has in store for those of us willing to stick with it. I want to hear what other players think will happen to the game :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally i would like to see more in depth weapon crafting, like swap-able barrels for different rounds. And since there isn’t a large variety of robots, some graduations of movement and speed in the more common enemies could add some layers of difficulty.

This game wont last I’m at almost level 30 I know of all guns spawns that are golden and purple , have about 2k ammo for all my guns 80 meds and I mainly uses bombs cause I have no penalty for killing my self to one shot the big mechs. This game needs core elements if it wants to go on anymore. Players have no reason to go into houses unless u want a music player, you have no food and water so you never really need to go into cities and towns cause you don’t need to survive you just need to kill and that is it… just kill mechs… if they make more enemies make them a hell of alot faster cause some limb damage and infections from wounds make you lose your stuff on death this would be amazing, even have a house claiming system and have the house get attacked and you and your buddies got to defend. Like this game alone can steal the survival genre scene if they give it the survival effect .

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I would like to see the option of a hardcore survival mode in the game with thirst and hunger. The spawns just need to include things to maintain these and it would give the game the survival title that consoles have been lacking.


To me the game the truth I liked a lot and I think it can give a lot more, in some aspects I agree with you, I think that in addition to fighting with robots, we should have clashes between groups. I do not know if it should go directly against other players but it would be like other games.
But it would be good to have a safe house that allows us to accumulate a certain amount of element obtained and in missions there is confrontation between other users or to do missions among other teams as a whole.

I’d like to see on/off toggles for: Respawn bots and loot.
Show enemy positions and aggression level.
Show compass.
Fast travel.

Every two-bit ‘survival’ game has food and water needs, but never pooping and peeing.

Also, a human can function several days [at least] without food, and several days [depending on circumstances] without water, so having to eat and drink every 15 minutes is simply frustrating and silly. I do not want that in this game.


I do not want mini map or compass, but you lose that surprise factor where the enemies are, I do not understand where the grace would be knowing where the enemies are.

There already is a fast travel system implemented between safe-houses :slight_smile: You can usually tell aggression levels by looking at their optics and observing the colour of their eyes, Red for alerted and fighting, orange for suspicious and investigation and blue for unaware. Enemy Positions can be revealed using the spotting perk on one of the perk tree’s. There is also a in built compass on the top bar which shows you North, East, South and West. I think on and off toggles wouldn’t be needed personally unless you could have offline saves to have a game which you alone can edit and use. It would make joining multiplayer games super confusing

However I do completely agree with not having the survival elements every 15 minutes of eating and drinking. It would just feel out of place in this game, its not quite a hardcore survival so it doesn’t really need it.