The game crashes constantly

Hi guys, I bought the game a couple of days ago on Steam, but it’s giving me problems. The game crashes after a couple of minutes of playing session, giving me an error. I tried lowering the graphics settings but it didn’t solve anything, this has always been a problem. Is there anyone who can help me with this problem?


What’s your system configuration?
Does it happen under specific circumstances like while using a companion or while riding a motorbike?
Are you playing alone, as host with others or as guest in someone elses world?

hi, my system components are: RTX 2070 Super with Ryzen 7 3700x and the game is installed in a 2TB SSD. This happens both when I shoot some robot and inside some house or bunker. I play the campaign in single player mode

Which os?
Did you ever use any mods?

i’m using Windows 11 Pro. I don’t even know how to add mods, I just bought the game recently

Well, mods are not officially supported. Therefore using them might cause issues.

I guess you have at least the minimum required RAM installed?

Sometimes the used antivirus software may cause issues, too. Maybe it’s because of Windows 11. It’s still not listed under the recommended system requirements and it uses (especially win11 pro) advanced security options which may cause troubles.

@SR_Carni any more ideas?

I use 16GB of RAM. Could it be that I got the game via key instead of purchasing it via Steam? Maybe this thing I said has nothing to do with it

Well, it’s been before the latest update, but I was able to play on my 11 year old pc the first hour of the game without any crashes. just with a steam key.
And of course just for testing :wink:

It’s strange that I have this problem. It’s the only game that does this, then it’s a game that I’m enjoying and I’d like to continue playing it

At least I can tell that Carni told in the last stream, that there are multiple performance and stability fixes in the next few updates. Maybe they’ll help you.

perfect then, I hope they make them soon

Like @Madchaser pointed out, Windows 11 isn’t officially supported. That could be what’s causing the issues. :thinking:

it could be for that

will there be the possibility in the next update to make it compatible with Windows 11?

Many play the game using win11… It’s not incompatible, it’s just not produced on and optimized for win11, I’d guess. Therefore some parts of the OS may cause conflicts with the games programming.
Sad but true.
In most cases these issues are produced by security mechanics of the OS. Win11 pro has many features being activated from the start, which the Home and Student versions don’t have.

Maybe it’s the Bit Defender or the drive encryption.

The devs may know more, but on the other hand…

Can’t you try to deactivate the drive encryption for the drives GZ uses? Google knows how it works.
Or what about running a VM with a win10 installation?

would it be Bit Defender? Disable drive encryption I don’t know what it is. Sorry but I’m not very knowledgeable about these things. However, as regards doing a restore and putting Windows 10 Pro back on, I had thought about it too, but I would like to try to solve it with this operating system, otherwise I can try to do as you said, bringing back Windows 10

Well, I would try it using a different partition to have it as second OS (chose at system startup) or using a virtual machine.

Regarding the drive encryption, Google may help:

if I disable this feature, will it cause problems for my PC?

I don’t know.
And I don’t know why it should.

Win11 Home for example has this feature by default deactivated. It’s a security option. Deactivating it is on your own risk.

I’m sorry, but I don’t use my PC (win11 Home on a 11 year old pc) very often and I don’t know much about win11.

My work devices still run on win10.

I try to find out more and try to disable this function