The Game deleted not the Landscape at a NEW GAME

Hi all, i have found a bug, when i start a new Game, (bevore all Save Data deletet) the landscape a not cleared? all Marks a visible? It´s not right? I mean, when i start a NEW GAME the Landscpae must be deletet and cleared from all Marks,

Another Bug: If I shot a window from a house and then, for example, travel to another place, then return to the previous place, is everything back? So at 0? That is also a mistake! Everything should be the way it was before !! So windows are broken, and especially the robots are alive again? Why is that so sorry? Ist not reality!!

It’s expected that each of your four characters exists in the same game world. So if you create a new character, you’ll inherit the map markers, safe house, plundra, mission and collectible state etc.

I think the robots respawn because otherwise people would run out of things to shoot and then complain to the devs over and over.

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Also, loot respawns on a set schedule (I’m not sure exactly what that schedule is.) So there’s always stuff to do just wandering around killing murderbots.

Collectibles (including fixed weapon pickups on the ground) do not respawn. So, if you find a gun you like, it won’t be coming back. But, containers, including weapons cases, will respawn, so that’s evergreen as well.

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@Starke the loot respawn is somewhere between 12-24 hours. I use the Uttern Bunker alot because it has good loot. My boxes are always refilled the next day when I get on so I’m not 100% but it’s gotta be somewhere in that neighborhood time wise

I should be 4h.



@pegnose you’re probably right I thought it took a little longer but I haven’t done full on time tests

It’s four in-game hours…

Not, it’s four! Stop it, Bootie.

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