The game freezes my computer


The game freezes my computer after while and it only remains to restart it. It is impossible to play. I have played alone and with friends and the same thing happens.


hello, sorry to hear you cant play the game without crashing, have you sent an error log yet? and could you provide us with some more information? does the game freeze, or your computer, and do you have to completely hard-reset your computer if so? in what particular moment does the game freeze or is it random?


Hi, the game freezes my computer every time I tried and I have to hard-reset it. It’s random, it can be at minute or at 10 minutes, and it only happens to me with this game. I have the latest drivers of course. I can not send an error log because the computer freezes.


same here.

It also happened to me in csgo, but when I opened it as an administrator it didn’t happen anymore. I have tried to run generation zero as an administrator but it did not work

have you find an fix to it?