The game gets boring

emphasized text I think the Devs have to put a lot more missions in the game (No DLCs) because otherwise the game gets very boring. I pretty much only play when my friends play.
At first I only played alone And it was cool, but when you play a lot and have all the stuff, it’s boring

Everything has an end (in general).

So you could start from scratch again or move on to play other games, if your friends don’t have time.

At least there’s always the dailies to keep you engaged. Like those ever so popular 7 base assault days where you have to burn through 99% of your stored ammo and most of your crafting mats just to kill 7 bases that you might have to get FNIX to build because you’ve been burning down bases all week and oh, look! A SECOND 7 BASE ASSAULT DAY IN THE SAME WEEK! HOW NOVEL!