The game is great just needs latency and bug work

I want to start with. I love the game what it offers is amazing a tactical simulator robot apocalypse simulator …
what I’d add …

Additional bad guy trapper its just as small as a ticker. It roams and sticks it self to loot boxes and such. If you don’t shoot or disarm first you trigger it’s trap. Class type determines trap strength.

Horror a harder and solo Hunter with a short mag flame thrower and reaper sickle type melee and it evades destruction and stalks players after they wipe out a squad of hunters. It drops the trappers like the tickers get dropped.

Visual and storage fix: cosmetic/-Pistol harness, and weapon visuals on body. function/ allows for quick veiwing of player loadouts. For tactical minded players. Saving mic chatter aswell.

Additional Attachment mods like rifle shotgun and smg grips for reducing recoil by up 5-10% combo-ing well with combat specialist and aiding those down other trees.

Cosmetic-/wall mounts for A(1/one) safe house one mount for each weapon.(@only one safe house again not all) So it’s like a collectors wall/and works like a codex for the weapons also-Effectively taking space out of the storage box leaving 7 slots with each fully equipped weapon. 7x11=77, plus the fact you couldnt have a stack of each ammo type including armor piercing before your full. Because not to mention all rockets grenades lures and emps youve collected. If the weapons you wanna keep, and aren’t using are stored on a peg board wall mount at just one safe house the storage tightness would be mitagated by over 50ish%. Like 75% actually.

*Maybe an ammo crafting table and you store resources at safe house not in plundra
Can deconstruct components, weapons , and ammo for resources

A rogue robot harvester that roams that allows you to hack with remote hacking skill. -than opens a store menu that’s for upgrading a weapon you own. Worn >exception or special. Can even trade meds for ammo and vice versa.
Can upgrade emergency Flair’s into fire works with adding ammo.(or gun powder)A and a bunch more.
If you kill it, it’s just a basic harvester drop and it spawns some where in the map. Within the Next seven days. * Would just be funny and cool. More for you level 31s, with not much to do

-Robotic oil camo you get from hunters that keeping in your inventory /or quickslot and use. function/will lower visibility drastically for a short time: maybe 15% for your trap and lure players. Could even be activated by a level three or four perk somewhere.
-Downside takes up inventory space if quickslot than make it stackable please. If just holdable only need one. Unless it runs out.

Wire Snipes for cutting fences activated with a survivor or tech leveled up skill. Function/ Allowing you with a short animation to cut a fence and crawl through.
-Downside possibly takes up two slots in inventory.

New Running speed level three perk: Vaulting. please Function/ handplant to crawl up places you can’t quite just jump over. Any jump boost addons will speed up climb animations Function/ a QOL movement perk. Parkour!

New Sniper marking ability with leveled up 2-3 skill perk function/ QOL saving time swithing from gun to binoculars. Only the support class need binoculars- for improving damage. Freeing up one space on three other players.- For any team players. anyone choosing and leveling up -marking ability should have the ability to mark throu sniper atleast with this level three marking enemy perk.

Bug fix 1: when aiming in and switching weapon or binoculars too quickly, you are stuck in the item you were using when pressed, till you press it again. Meanwhile the menu down in the bottom right shows you switched while you still hold the weapon or binoculars still.

Bf2: When too many enemies group up the game lags and occasionally loot will jump you out of the item loot menu literally. And when the best items appear you just so happen to crash the game before you grab it. Than it seems the games is forever playing catch up.

Bugfix3 : if you switch between your four characters, too quickly you stun the menu and the cursor won’t show up. making it so you cant drop or pick up any thing till you reset gen zero.

Bf4: getting bunker codes while someone else is hosting stops progress on your host game with that bunker.

Bf5: when inviting 2+ people at a time or when multiple join at once sometimes players can’t see the others. For example player one/host can see three people a full squad. Same as the second but the last two players can’t see one another.

Bf6: sometimes when fast traveling to safehouse you fall through ground and free respawn to just continue falling untill you reset gen zero.

Heyo, there’s a lot of feedback in this one so I’m gonna go ahead and move it to Feedback & Feature Requests. Many of the bugs you’ve pointed out have already been posted by others already, but feel free to re-post them in the Bug Reports forum with this template. Thanks!

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