The games dying with me


Cut n past here.

****I’d like to see a food and water system too.
Scavenging for ammo all day because the bots are (bullet sponging) becomes agonizing and boring.

I love the engine. I’m addicted to the hunter call of the wild and have all dlc. I’d even say it was a hard platinum and I’m proud to say I got it. I love the predator element of stealth and knowledge of critical shot. Watching the deer drop with a heart shot is an incredible feat. It would be cool to tech out and research weak points and hit a tank one shot in a vital with a .50; which, in my eyes is almost pointless cause ammo is far and few and it’s just a little more powerful than a .270. Than after downing it scavenge more parts to build sirens. So I can strap tanks of propane to the down tank or strap a siren with propane’s contraption to it and use it as bait with a detonator. Epic! Booom

This game has a look of a scavenger/harvest game. I think dying light did it really well with the scavenger situation. I highly enjoyed and still enjoy getting parts from car engines and all sorts to repair my buggy and build crazy bombs and items.

Even if additions of craziness like 80s contraptions were added to spice it up like exosuits it’ll still fizzle. I think the core needs a system before we see things like alien body snatchers, cyborgs, and terminators. A core system that fuels the replay ability.

I’ll still play the game and I know the game has a long run but I’m stating what I see in the now and I have faith that you guys have plans. It’s a great title and super open for much much more


This is NOT CotW, in here, YOU are supposed to be prey.
Machines underperform, and are FAR too few…
Scavenging, yes, you need to in order to survive.


Yeah I’d have to agree too that the game isn’t cotw. Nor would I want to drop bots like in cotw since there steel machines and not flesh and bone. I don’t know where you guys got that. Everything has a weak point, like a car I destroy it’s ecu and it’s a no go in an automobile that relies on a lot of electrical components. In the skill tree there is a nerd/tech tree Most iconic 80s movies they had an intelligent nerd character who figured out the weakness of their issue. Being I lived in the 80s I know and watched many beloved movies. Being prey doesn’t mean you can’t drop the biggest. Look at David and Goliath. A boy knew mans temple is weak and a stone killed a giant man. Robocop realized in his second battle to shoot the torso on a Ed-209. Bullet sponge makes sense if your shooting steel with hollow points and standard fmj, but impact on components would massively damage like cameras, ammo boxes, sensors… But AP aka coated fmj…I’ve shot thousands of 5.56 PMC AP rounds in aluminum, brass, and steel from 1/4-1in plating, it’s like shooting hot knives in butter to a degree of material make/type and thickness. The game is too spongy and the .50 and launcher is super weak as anti material weapons. If the game was real most people wouldn’t just run up an gun or set up traps with out knowing their enemies weakness or weak point. Scrapping bullets and fire works all day to down 1 hunter gets a bit boring as a fruitless grind. Now grinding to make my own traps and all sorts as I kinda stated earlier would push the Gorilla scene out since your basically becoming a gorilla fighter in the game. Red dawn with robots


You can’t deny this game is red dawn with robots


What? You got the platinum trophy for this game? What’s your PSN profile so I can check?


The machines need a tune up, most definitely.
They are too slow, not aggressive, not quite correct.
I am NOT saying to buff their resistances, mind, but to buff their action/reaction responses.

Weak spots: Sure, they have them, tanks do too.
But one is clever enough to make these hidden behind a load of armour plates.
Do not forget, even the orange machines ARE military.
So, this would basically mean… you’re supposed royally screwed when you encounter a mech.


The hunter cotw. I can’t get plat on this till they fix the clothing trophy


Right it be nice to see some work there and more patrols and number of units in groups.
But the weak obvious modules aren’t at times doing much damage on larger bots. Head shots seems kinda pointless cause I’d gather taking out the camera would hinder visual alertness maybe sound too but it doesn’t. I mean you see a spark color telling you weak areas but after you see something popped like a rocket pod it still fires rockets. I’d love to see paralyzed components and limbs. It be a trip to see the boy limping or laying and still firing. Got to cut here to get my kiddo prep for school


That would be awesome to be able to strap gas tanks to boomboxes and sirens to create bigger traps


I’d like to apologize to the devs if they get a chance to skim through here. I’m sorry I just read the tutorial notes. And also Thank you. I can’t wait to experience it and what else is to come.