The Girl who cried Wolf [PC]

So i have a really strange bug, regarding “The Girl who cried Wolf” quest.
I have done the quest so far as getting the floppy disk, but when i did it didn’t finish.

I went back to the parents house and i don’t know if i forgot or just didn’t see the recording, however i got the recording and the quest still didn’t complete, and it tells me to go to the computer (that i can’t use since i have the floppy and used the computer previously).

i have tried to retake the quest items in order since they seem to respawn and i have made a 2nd character just to try to do it that way but i end up with the same result.

Since it’s part of the main quest and my char is 31h into the game, i would love any kind of sulotion to this.

a way to abandon active quest and go back and re-take them would be great.

Hi Kruul!

It does look like you completed all the objectives except the last one. Guessing the issue is that the objectives where done in the incorrect order? We will look into this. Thank you for your patience.

At this point there is no way to reset the missions unless you completely start over the game.

Thank you so much for reporting!

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@Kruul make sure you double check that you pick up the floppy disk at the end. On xbox one S i held “use” on her computer and it said i picked up the floppy disk but i actually had to go back to her computer and hold “use” a second time to actually pick up the physical floppy disk.