The great thread of inaccuracies


This thread was initially about just a very minor gripe, so I’m going to repurpose it a bit.

The game has a fair share of inaccurate details that are slightly annoying.

Aircraft texture
I’ve just seen a parked aircraft in the game and while I understand why it doesn’t look like any real world aircraft, I don’t understand why the symbols are wrong.
Why does it have the ugly “Livsfara” label instead of just “Fara”?
Why is there a Swedish flag on it instead of the roundel?

I don’t see why you don’t include these basic symbols to create more immersion? It’s not like it’ll be the bases for a lawsuit.

9mm ammo
In the game, there are two seperate types of 9mm ammo: one for pistols and one for SMG’s. I believe that this is confusion caused by the new, more powerful m/39B ammunition breaking the army’s pistols at the time.
However, the army’s pistol at the time was pistol m/40 and pistol m/88 (Klaucke 17) was introduced into the army specifically because it COULD take the m/39B ammo.

If the ammo was separated for gameplay reasons (why have the Klaucke when the kpist has greater range, does more damage, is fully auto and a greater ammo capacity?), then I’d like to point out what I wrote in another thread: that pistols should have a lockon feature at short ranges and that you should be able to whip out your pistol while reloading another weapon just by pressing the fire button.

Kpist barrel addons
When you get a suppressor or compensator in the game, it’s added onto the front of your kpist. The kpist never had a threaded barrel. The use of suppressors and shooting blanks was done by quite simply unscrewing the whole barrel and putting a different barrel onto the front.

My hope is that this thread could be used to gather all of the small inaccuracies in the game. What inaccuracies have you found?


Amazing! Now I know these things, they are like little Easter eggs for me. Thank you for sharing.