The Halloween Event is Activated,,, there is now news on my PS4 says it on

the Halloween Event is Activated, there is now news on my PS4 says it on, but it there, JFYI, the Halloween clothing does show up

look 4 tanks, harvesters, hunters, runners, they give out the Halloween clothing

Yes, it’s there.

The GZ Halloween Event is back!
From now until the 5th of November, you’ll be able to collect 4 different clothing sets while destroying Machines and freeing Östertörn from the influence of FNIX.
Enjoy and don’t forget to share your best outfit combinations with us!

New list

Soviet machines drop apparel too it seems. Need to make notes of them.

Not have all data but it seems that:
Elegant set is also dropped by Lynx
Worn set also by Firebird
Slayers set also by Wolf


I already collected (again) a great deal of these items before it was announced.

@JuanEyeJack, have you found any Antarctic Set items on Soviet machines?

No idea from my side.
Just fought two firebirds and a few lynx.
There were some halloween event clothes on soviets, but I don’t remember which ones, as I already had all.
For the FNIX machines it’s everything as usual.

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Im pretty sure that set will be on Hunters only since they have no Soviet Counterpart unlike the Runner, Harvester and Tank.

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I have not been paying attention as to what machines have what. I did collect mittens but again, didn’t pay attention as to what it was off. I also have a complete collection from a few years back.

As a collector, I would like to have a collection of character blueprints from the design team but that should be an incredibly special event like an Anniversary coming up.

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runner & hunter graveyards are good places to collect a good deal of cloths

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Yes, just farm the battlefields south/eastern the airfield, then you should have all the Runner/Hunter related clothes very quickly.

I have them all already, but still fun to pick up, like collecting Pokemon cards or somthing

if you don’t have them already, get to it before Nov 5, Runner & Hunter battle sites are good for those two sets of clothing, for the Harvesters & Tanks load up on the Shock Ammo with one of the Machine Guns and move faster than Clark Kent, delay your missions until after halloween event is over, now put on that Superman Cape and get a cracking

down to two pieces, a shirt from the tanks and the gloves from the harvester. they are being very stingy. only took 2 1/2 marathon running days. lets just hope these last two pieces fall. darn rivals are messing up my hunting grounds by limiting my kill areas. trying to keep them all alive for later… gamer problems… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

you should have them by now, lol

yessir I do. ran a 9hr marathon two days ago and got nothing, my first two kills yesterday and I had them. RNG ftw. :rofl: :rofl:

I am so excited for the halloween event

It ended on november 5th.

You are going to need stay excited for almost a year! Welcome to the forum.

They may host a 5th anniversary special event, coming up in March right? That could be the clues of something coming up “fluff” and “plush”. Maybe we collect furry apparel.

No. I already posted it in other topics.

Introducing: The Tick Plushie.
Starting on the 1st of December, you will be able to order this exclusive cuddle monster from our @Makeship campaign.
Help us reach the goal of 200 plushies sold and get yourself the first official Generation Zero Merch ever!
More info to come🤖

— Generation Zero (@GenZeroGame) November 22, 2023