The Hunter Mission

Cannot complete Hunter Mission in multiplayer game due to not finding all loot 10/11.

Also cannot find all loot in Yttervik 3/4 1/1 1/1

Thank you for reporting


Hm. to my knowledge, you don’t need to pick up everything in the Hunter lodge in order to complete the quest, only the rifle on the groud floor, the scope on the first floor and the ammo in the shed outside

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same in intro mission in the church

The Mission is not completable if you first loot the ammo in the shed outside, you have to go into the house first as this is the first thing you see, get the rifle, the scope and then the Ammo. I know that because i firstly looted the Ammo and then couldn’t complete the Mission.

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The church requires you to look at the whiteboard just inside the main doors, not collect all the loot.

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Is there a way to reset the mission? I had picked up rifle and scope before I got the mission.

Now I have waited until the loot in the hunter house respawned. But the rifle and scope don’t turn up again.


I can confirm that this mission is fixed now. The items had respawned with the Nov update. I went and picked them up (hunting rifle, scope, silencer, blue soft point ammo) and then went for the hunter’s letter. After picking that one up I had to revisit the hunter’s house and pick up another stack of soft point ammo from the shack and voila, mission finished! :slight_smile:


Great news! Thanks for feedback. :blush:


Hello from the future. It’s May 2021 and for me The Hunter side mission is still bugged.
I collected the hunting rifle 1st, then the scope in the bedroom up the stairs but the ammo box in the shed will not respawn,it’s just an empty box.
Due to this, I can’t complete the mission.
Any suggestions?

I am stuck at the same point…

Same issue here: we completed the mission with one player as host, then we got it again with another player as host (since it seems the host gets more XP) and we are unable to complete it: we got everything we could find, rifle and scope included, but the mission is still not completed. If there are ammo to be found, we can’t find it, but we have a hand icon with nothing to be searched in one of the sheds outside.


This topic was burried long time ago.
Since then many parts of the game changed.
This issue hasn’t been reported here for a long time.
Could you provide screenshots of the mission objectives you completed and of the location of this hand icon?

I don’t know how actual it is, but watch this.

Maybe it helps.

Not sure what happened, I went back to do the screenshot and I was able to solve the mission.

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Solved, you may close it.