The Hunter Mission



Cannot complete Hunter Mission in multiplayer game due to not finding all loot 10/11.

Also cannot find all loot in Yttervik 3/4 1/1 1/1


Thank you for reporting


Hm. to my knowledge, you don’t need to pick up everything in the Hunter lodge in order to complete the quest, only the rifle on the groud floor, the scope on the first floor and the ammo in the shed outside


same in intro mission in the church


The Mission is not completable if you first loot the ammo in the shed outside, you have to go into the house first as this is the first thing you see, get the rifle, the scope and then the Ammo. I know that because i firstly looted the Ammo and then couldn’t complete the Mission.


The church requires you to look at the whiteboard just inside the main doors, not collect all the loot.