The Hunter Side Mission Bug

Played Co-Op with my friend the other day, we both started out at the same time. Did a few main missions and side missions together/ I knew I wasn’t getting credit or completions for the quests assuming that’s intended? Anyway, I figured I would complete them again on my campaign. Logged on to my campaign, the quests were all there for me to redo but I could not complete the hunter side mission because of the loot not being there for me. Anyway to get around that?

Loot respawns every few ingame hours. I know the mission is dependant on looting that particular ammo box, try to move away for a while, do some other stuff and come back, see if it has respawned.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot

Hi guys, just wondering if this has worked for you? I’ve had the exact same problem with the ammo boxes being opened, the other parts of this side mission still were possible, just the ammo boxes!

Loot bags/boxes respawn after 4 in-game hours.

Play the game for that long and then return to the mission spot and look if you can open the required ammo box.