The iron sights on the AK 4 is incorrect,

The AG4 ingame or its IRL counterpart AK4 has its sights mixed up, looking more like a AK-47 or Bolt action rifle iron sight while in reality the sights are different. infact there is other differences but im just going to focus on the iron sights

Av Armémuseum - Armémuseum: AM.067811, CC BY 4.0, File:Automatkarbin 4.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This is a Standard Swedish Automatkarbin 4 produced from/to 1965–1980

Produced in Husqvarna Vapenfabrik och Carl Gustafs stads gevärsfaktori
Borrowed from user tene

Borrowed from user Sampardan

Taken by me

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Can we please fix it its driving me mad. It looks like a AK-74 sight…

The weapons in the game aren’t supposed to match their IRL counterparts to the letter.

Slight differences and different names are probably used due to copyrighted patents, so I’m not
sure much can be done, unfortunately.

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Wall-Mans, Beep Cola, ag4, SquareBuster Video, etc etc etc

But the MP5 has the correct sights, same with the AK-74…

Oh well. Hope we get different scopes in the future so i can avoid using the 2x red dot.

Because god knows i dislike how that thing looks like. I dont even know what its based of. No swedish sight that we had in service looks like that

Yeah, I know. I gave up trying to make sense of that long ago. I’m a bit of a gun nut myself so I too take notice of details like that.

This is the closest lookalike i could find. But its still vastly different.

im just thankful the Kpist 45 looks like the actual Carl gustaf m/45

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It’s about the Red dot, not the AG4 itself…

Nope, im talking about the Iron sights. But the Red dot, does confuse me

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Especially when it comes to sights, it can also be due to other reasons. For example making space for scopes, or even more simply, “it looks better in a game”. Surprisingly few things that make sense in real life translate well into a game

Hey do you think the devs could think about removing the rear sight block if you are attaching a scope, The Ag5 had or maybe still has a issue where the Rear iron sight block would stick into the 2x red dot. As for the Ag4, how is the scopes attached to the rifle they don’t sit on a rail. They have just been shoved into the metal of the gun. Could you guys maybe try to fix that? Add a rail to the top, like this: