The Last of the Mohicans - vacation photos

Sorry guys, searched till I weighed an ounce - no fatshaming though :upside_down_face:

With this item I completed all. So many thanks! Missing two, but no clues whatsoever.

Hope you can help me?

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You’re missing:

Party time at Björntunet => 5498, - 91
Scenic view from Björntunet Hotel => 4573, - 442

Search circled locations

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Great! I’m going to search for them, thanks again.

Hotel is a bit tricky, because there are só many rooms. So where’s the room with the view :grin:

Oh! now I see the red circles!

Found some other things too, like 2 weapons. I was only missing one - happens sometimes: you want one and get two…

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Nothing found yet on both locations, although torunshänggarna location says 1 weapon and 1 collectable should be found there. Readiness Storage: 1 collectable to be found.

Searched and searched but nothing found.

Also very typical that the map doesn’t indicate any missions, but the ‘bar’ does:

Just a guess…
Are you using map filters that exclude side mission markers? Or maybe the icon just is hidden behind another icon? Sometimes I’m searching a good Minute on the map, too, just to see that the mission unexpectedly is at the furthest end of the map.

Yes and thank you Mad. I’m aware of the hidden situations. No filters, excluding mission markers. Didn’t even know this is possible.

But also the vacation photos (my other topic). Items are moved with every update, I understand from several ‘influencers’. So, that’s still hard to find, if ever…

Tomorrow I will look in new world for you, if can find them I make pictures of the exact spots.

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That would be infinitely great!

The vacation photo at the tourist attraction Torunshögarna, is on one of the seven grave hills on some rocks.

The vacation photo at the Readiness storage 047 is just inside the fence in the pillbox.

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OH wow! Going instantly!

Now I found it on the floor. Very strange. Been there, but didn’t see anything. Thanks Gysbert!
Vacation photo found - more or less by coïncidense. Lots of enemies.

:gorilla: Got all of the collectables now! 100% :cat:

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