The Minken bunker lockdown - or, Lucky me there’s fast travel

I’ve only reached the South Coast Region so far and thus found the Vesslan and Minken bunkers. They are somewhat different when it comes to putting the power back up (without spoiling too much) but still I got to both the warboards and unlocked both safehouses.

Now to the point; several times when I loaded up the game and started in either bunker, the power was off again. In Vesslan it didn’t turn out to much of a problem, but in Minken the second door out of the warboard room was locked (this is the door to the left as you walk out of the room you spawn in), with no way of opening it (without, I presume, powering up the bunker again, which, of course, is impossible while stuck on that side of the door).

Of course one can simply fast travel out of there and that’s that, but it feels like it’s not supposed to be like this.

Anyone else experienced the same issue?


Yes indeed, this is a known issue and the devs are aware of it. I ecountered it myself the other day. My tip is to fast travel out, then go and reset the power if you need to get back to the bunker.


Awesome, as long as the devs are aware :slight_smile:

Uttern is locked down for me. My safe room is unlocked, and I’ve claimed the warboard mission but even fast traveling out, going back in the main entrance and turning on the power doesn’t unlock the doors now.

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+1. Same problem at Minken. :worried:

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Ah, that just sounds bad, @Crunchmeister … Bad in the buggiest of ways :joy: Good thing you got the missions first!

I’ve neither reached Uttern myself yet nor tried to restore the power in Minken, so I can’t say if the doors stays locked there too. Or was that what you meant, @Bazyl, that the doors in Minken stays locked even though you’ve restored the power?

This was what I initially presumed, but finally two fast travels and a re-logging fixed my power on back.

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