The Moon is wrong

Just a nit and suggestion. Whoever worked on the moon at night, I think

it’s wrong. The image appears to be horizontally (left/right) flipped, it should be the other way.


Yup. I can’t believe I never noticed!

(I took this photo from my garden in the UK.)


Yes, this has been talked about before, but the devs never deemed it important enough to change it, or they do not know. Maybe they pick up this request.

Nice picture.


It also rises every single night, which is also wrong :thinking:

Shouldn’t be that big problem to flip the base graphic/sprite/whatever it is called, I guess, no ?

But it seems it never reached the devs or they simply don’t care about that twisted moon.
But all in all it’s just a minor annoyance and not really gamebreaking, at least not for me.
Sometimes I take notice of it and sometimes I simply don’t as there are other things that need my full attention…

My 2 ct but I definitely second the attempt to flip the moon… :+1:


I take it as a sign that the world you are in is not reality - based in sweden but the moon has the appearance that it would from the southern hemisphere - perhaps it is just a big dome where you are the experiment and the illusion is flawed.

sequel spin - the entire first game is the AI machine learning how to fight humans and it is literally just a big simulator of cycles. The AI is based in Australia of course - so its view of the moon wasn’t calculated for its projection of sweden.