The new update has broken my game

Upon downloading the new update I’ve noticed that my game now lags everytime something explodes and i have no idea how to fix it (series x)


I tend to get weird stuttering issues every time I shoot at enemies with automatic weapons, even if I don’t necessarily kill them immediately, which leads to wild oversteering when I turn around or move. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with firerate, because while it happens when I use the AI-76 or a Kpist, it’s particularly egregrious when I use an AG5, which is even a low-recoil weapon. It’s less of an issue when I use semi-automatic guns like the Pvg90.

This wasn’t a problem until the last update, so I think it might be related to the issue above here. This bug would sometimes randomly happen back when I started playing around a year ago as well, but constantly rather when I fired guns or something exploded, and only in certain areas that I don’t recall offhand, usually during some intense firefights against several large enemies. This one is entirely consistent, though, and tends to be more problematic when I fight small-to-mid enemies like dogs or hunters.

I’m playing on the PS5 myself.


Did you already try to clear the consoles cache?
Do you play from disc or digital version?
Is it installed in internal or external memory?
Did you play in multiplayer? As guest or host?

I just had some framedrops when using shock ammo.

Playing on PS5, too.

I cleared my cache and it didnt fix anything and i play on the digital version. I was playing solo and had it on internal before moving it back to external to see if that helped and it didnt. So I’m going to safely assume they did something wrong and wait for a fix.


I haven’t tried clearing the cache, no, but I don’t think it’ll do any good in this case since Gravy did and it didn’t help. Either way, the game ran just fine without this issue before yesterday’s update. Or, well… without THIS issue, at the very least.

I have the game installed on an external, but honestly, it – and any other PS4 games I have – run just as fine off the external as it did before I bought it and had every game installed on the internal drive. Oh, and yeah, it’s the digital version, so there’s no discs involved. Ah, and also single player, which I forgot to mention last time.

I just asked because I sometimes had some issues when running it from the external usb-drive. When I moved the game to the internal drive it ran smoother and more stable. Well, it’s been a while when that happened.

OK, so someone in another thread mentioned that it might have something to do with a gun augment called Unstoppagle shells, which I had on two of my weapons (including the aforementioend MP5) because it sounded like a nice thing to have. As a test, I replaced that mod on both my weapons with something else, and that seems to have largely resolved the issue. So the problem is most likely the Unstoppable Shells augment. I’m guessing the game didn’t have much fun calculating all the damage it did or something. Which might make sense, since I just recently augmented that onto my weapon (and annoyingly went for the silver ones, which cost much more resources, but what can you do?)

As for my external, it’s a WD BLACK P40 Game Drive SSD with USB 3.2 Gen 2x2, which was the fastest of external USB drives I found on the store I bought it from that was guaranteed to work on a PS5. (I don’t recall the other alternatives I could go for. I bought it in February.) So far the first and only external I’ve ever used on ANY consoles, so I don’t really have much experience with this sort of thing. I just really appreciated the added storage space.

they changed something with the DSR or some asuch other stabilization mechanisms, def noticing more drops around particles and heavy machines. Lets hope this is fixed soon.

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