The (Not) Official Slav Boiz Thread!


This is thread for most glorious slav squat and slav pictures and slav content!! Feel free to post your slav pictures and slav videos here.

(This thread does not try to offend the slavic culture or slavic people. This is for entertainment only.)


if this for the russians that are in gz world? that are dead?


Is very good going to church before kill enemy. Priest Ivan do best service in all of land.


You need to squat in wilderness, when me and my comrades take break from robot killing.

Squatting on sunny day outside. Relaxing and driking Vodka is best way to start the day.

Best slav church in world.

Dead Robot is good robot!

When you slav ontop of comrade, you are true slav! slaving intensifies


You see Ivan, when you squat on top of a slav that squat, swedish Machine is confused! :smile:


I need to get my Slav on!:v:


Yes you do, brotha! Slav squat is best way to kill machine!


Ivan, if squat like this in air, enemy can not take you



Only true slav, slav on sh*t bucket!


Me (Boris), brother Ivan and comrad Vlad kill swedish machine that not play good HardBass. Cyka Blyat!


A new apprentices of squatdom.

Aerial squats.

Enslaved seeker will help you to assert dominance through squatting.


And where’s Tri Poloski (три полоски)? Since without it, you’re not a true slav.


Around waist, over shoulder, on the forehead.


My question was meant for everyone in this topic, since i don’t see tri poloski anywhere. :thinking:


Well… this was not what I expected when logging on this morning.


Here’s a true slav for everybody to see: :sunglasses:

If you do not have Addidas tracksuit with white stripes (одна, две или три полоски), you are not a true slav (or “gopnik” to be more precise). Simple as that. :roll_eyes:

So, no “gopnitsa”?


There’s an official meme topic, but we’ll keep this one separate for now. If there’s a drop of activity (or if other memes are posted here), I’ll merge it with the memes thread.



Old stuff.
Local punks and soldiers fishing for machines.

Thoughts about vodka, semki and eternal…

Edit: multipost.
Authentic Slav AI-76 reload techique:


true Slav only feel tickle at top of step !!