The Ones That Came Before Us - Trophy don`t unlock

Im on XB1 and The Ones That Came Before Us trophy dont unlock for me even after getting all collectables 100%.

A lot of console trophies can sadly be bugged. If you’ve got all the Survivor’s Notes and Love Letters 100% then unfortunately there’s nothing you can do other than make a fresh save and start all over again.

One interesting fact about my game:
I’ve completed all challenges and trophies for some month now. Means, I collected all collectibles, too. But since last update there suddenly appeared some of the messages in a bottle again. I was able to collect them again, but, thank god, my log still shows 100%.

Is there a physical picture for every collectable in your log?

So I would have to make a new world save and keep my character or a completely new world new character? Cause I completed all the collectibles 100% and it never unlocked for me