The path of the gods notebook issue (search the house for more info about the cairn)

Search the house for more info about the cairn

I am in the house and i cant pick up the notebook to complete this mission i am playing on xbox one. The notebook is sitting in front of me but i cant pick it up.

On the bright side i love this game and im trying to get all my friends into it with me


Having exactly the same issue (PS4)

PC. Same. Also, even if you find the stash and loot, the quest still wont complete without picking up the journal page.

Thanks for reporting this issue! However, it is a known issue that hopefully is fixed soon :slight_smile: the June update is focusing on mission related bugs such as this one. So you have this month’s patch to look forward to!

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Can only agree with all of you. Unable to pick up the notebook, found and looted the stash on the mountain top - but the mission still wants me to get the notebook… (PS4)

Hi guys.

I have the same problem, but (PC) a backpack is laying on the book.
I can loot him, but I can’t actigvate the trigger from the diary.

In the videos I have seen there is a backpack in a chair next room - this one is missing, in my game.
It is laying on the dairy on the table in the living room.

Any solution?

I’m also having the same issue. (XBOX ONE)

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Having the same issue on PC here. Hopefully it gets fixed with the next patch as mentioned! Thanks for the update!

Still can’t pick up the notebook on the Xbox I have deleted my characters multiple times thinking that I was not picking things up in the right order but no still can’t pick up the notebook and this is after updating with the June patch

July 16th, can’t pickup diary, stuck on “search the house”.

August 15, still an issue on PC…

Yes, and it has been ever since it was reported which was at the end of June. There was not enough time to fix it by then, and due to vacation times the dev team decided to push for August. All of this has been explained already.

It’s highly likely a fix for this mission is coming with the August patch.