The Path of the Gods PC

Can’t access the journal in the house. After latest patch.
Thanks Carniv0re, I couldn’t find it but … I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out the other.

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I have the same issue! Frustrating as I am a completionist. The bug is noted though.

+1 Cannot pick up the Johan’s Diary.
Maybe one can accomplish the quest without this second document ? Has anybody tried ?
NB Ticks spawned when I was inside the house. Chances are the bug is related to the new tick spawning mechanism ?


Same problem, il can’t pick the book…

Ticks spawning when you’re in the house happen to me all the time… or like as soon as I step out the house they appear.

I’ve try to finish the quest without the diary, it doesn’t work, the final objective is complete but we need the diary to finish the quest

Thanks for the information. The ticks must have definitely eaten away the precious notebook. We will wait a new delivery from Avalanche.

No. I picked up the stash without the diary page and the quest didn’t complete.